I know, it's a tricky name to say. BUT it is an upgrade from my maiden name, believe it or not. My last name used to be the butt of every joke, cracking everyone up, leaving people cheesing cheek to cheek (pun intended). 

So Kris Ollila it is! My hunky, Finnish husband changed my last name a couple years ago and we've been living the newlywed life ever since! We fell in love in Duluth, crushed long-distance in the Twin Cities and bought our first home in Rochester. What can I say, we're Minnesota people! Besides photography, we love the outdoors, traveling to the BWCA (or anywhere warm & tropical- MN people do occasionally get cold), spending time with our family and friends, & glorifying God through it all.

Why do I do what I do? I'm a photography enthusiast, in every part of my life. I love running with you on whatever great ideas you have to capture memories with your loved ones, one picture at a time. As a natural light photographer, I geek out over gorgeous lighting, meaning I don't do studio photography. I find that people love getting outside (unless you're allergic to grass or fun), and love seeing people in their laid-back, normal environments. 

Why "By Grace" if your name isn't "Grace?" Valid question. This one stems right from Ephesians 2:8- "For it is by grace that you have been saved, through faith. And this is not your own doing; it is the gift of God." The best gift I've ever been given is grace- a grace that saved me! Because of that life-changing grace, I get to practice seeing everything in my life through the same lens: my family, my circumstances, my hopes & dreams, & you! You have a unique story and I'd be honored to play a (small) part in it!